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Tape Combo (Fleece & High Heat) 3/4″ Width – 25′ Roll Part No 72020


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One roll of each interior fleece and high-heat tape;

Fleece Tape: This high-quality fleece tape is designed to provide secure bundling for a clean look and great protection on the harness. Best fit applied to harnesses in the passenger compartment, the harness remains flexible after applying the tape. Temp rating -40 F to 221 F.  This tape pairs great with our ClassicBraid line.

High Heat: This High Heat/Abrasion-resistant tape has been specially designed for bundling and wire protection against abrasion. The tape will withstand the heat and chemicals in the engine compartment of a car, all while providing a clean and tidy look.  Temp rating -40 to 302 degrees F

Both rolls are 3/4″ wide – 25-foot length.


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