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CirKit Boss Heavy Duty Auxiliary Fuse Block/3 Circuits (3 Ignition 12V) Part No 70114


Need more circuits with more amperage handling?

70118– Seven ignition hot circuits with a maximum total Amperage handling of 140 Amps.

Painless Part Number: 70114 Category: Tags: , , , , , , , , , Product ID: 21243


The safe way to add electrical accessories is with a CirKit Boss®™ kit from Painless Performance.  This kit allows for the addition of 3 fused circuits to your already existing factory fuse block.  Simply mount the fuse block and relay, route the large 10 gauge wire to the battery, route the ignition wire, and then route the 3 accessory circuits to the accessories needing power.  The main power wire is 8 feet long from the fuse block.  Each accessory circuit has 8 feet of wire length from the fuse block.

70114- Provides three ignition hot circuits with a maximum total Amperage handling of 70 Amps. This kit includes:

  • One 70 Amp SPST relay
  • Relay base/fuse block with harness
  • Crimp-on terminals
  • Mounting hardware

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