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CirKit Boss Auxiliary Fuse Block/7 Circuits/Weatherproof (7 Ignition 12V) Part No 70217


Other seven circuit CirKit Boss®™ kits available.

70107– Three 20 Amp constant hot circuits and four ignition hot circuits with a maximum total amperage handling of 40 Amps.

70207– Weatherproof version of 70107.

70117– Non-weatherproof version of 70117.

Need some serious Amperage handling?  Check out these heavy duty CirKit Boss®™ kits.

70114– Three ignition hot circuits with a maximum total Amperage handling of 70 Amps.

70118– Seven ignition hot circuits with a maximum total Amperage handling of 140 Amps.


70121– Replacement rubber cover for fuse block.

Painless Part Number: 70217 Category: Tags: , , , , , , , , Product ID: 21259


The safe way to add electrical accessories to any vehicle is with a CirKit Boss®™; The first circuit isolator system available with both constant and ignition hot circuit kits.  Kits include an in-line circuit breaker, relay, relay/fuse block base with a pre-terminated harness, and mounting hardware and terminals.  Protects your OEM warranty and is easy to install.

70217– Provides seven ignition hot circuits with a maximum total amperage handling of 80 Amps.

This kit includes:

  • Two weatherproof 40 Amp SPST relays
  • Two weatherproof 40 Amp circuit breakers
  • Weatherproof relay bases/fuse blocks with harness
  • Weatherproof crimp-on heat-shrinkable terminals
  • Weatherproof fuse block cover
  • Mounting hardware

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