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6 Switch Extreme Off-Road Switch Panel Part No 50340


Engine: Any
Trans.: Any

Number of Circuits:  8 CIRCUITS
Harness Length: No Wires Included
Fuse Type: No Fuses Included
Firewall Passthrough: (1) Grommet & (3) Caps Included – Depending on side of box wires are routed to.
Color Code Based:  Painless Specific
Circuit Designations:  8 Circuit System – 6 Outputs Selectable By Customer

Connections Included:

Ignition, Start, 1 thru 6 Individual Toggle Switch Outputs with Indicator Lights Toggle Switches Included: (5) On/Off, (2) On/Off/On, (2) Momentary On

Painless Part Number: 50340 Category: Tags: , , , , , Product ID: 21029


Panel Dimensions: 10.75″ L x 2.5″ W x 3″ H

The 6 Switch Extreme Off-Road Switch Panel is BY FAR THE BEST designed OFF-ROAD SWITCH PANEL to handle the harshest conditions an Off-Road Vehicle can be exposed to. This Switch Panel includes a matching box to allow mounting to a roll cage. It features a formed polyethylene liner to seal off all of the rear connections on the individual toggle switches AND the Ignition or Push Button Starter Switches. This same polyethylene liner also acts like a gasket between the switch panel face plate to the switch panel box; creating a highly water-resistant seal. THIS MEANS you can wash the mud, dirt, and grim off of your OFF-ROAD RIG with the garden hose without worrying about ruining your electrical system.

The Keyed Ignition Switch used in this kit includes a robust rubber-sealed outer nut to help protect the lock cylinder from the elements both with and without the key inserted.

The Toggle Switches are all rated at 20 Amps and are protected from the elements by the included weather-resistant boots that thread onto the outside of each switch.

THIS Switch Panel DOES NOT include any wires. It is designed to work DIRECTLY with the TWO Chassis Harnesses; listed below, depending on if the vehicle is needing to be STREET LEGAL or OFF-ROAD ONLY. Both harnesses have Accessory Circuits that can be controlled by the Toggle Switches in the Panel.

10144 – 15 Circuit Weatherproof Extreme Off-Road Harness (OFF-ROAD ONLY)


10140 – 26 Circuit Weatherproof Off Road Chassis Harness (STREET LEGAL) & (OFF-ROAD)


Peel and Stick Labels are included to identify what each output is connected to and covers most applications.

Painless also offers 4  & 6 Toggle & Ignition Switch Panel(s) WITH THE WIRING: 

50330 – 4 Toggle & Ignition Switch, Off-Road Switch Panel, Dash Mount

50332 – 6 Toggle & Ignition Switch, Off-Road Switch Panel, Dash Mount

Or if you prefer a 4 or 6 Toggle & Push Button Start Switch Panel:

50334 – 4 Toggle, Push Button Start Switch, Off-Road Switch Panel, Dash Mount

50335 – 4 Toggle, Push Button Start Switch, Off-Road Switch Panel, Roll Bar Mount

50336 – 6 Toggle, Push Button Start Switch, Off-Road Switch Panel, Dash Mount

50337 – 6 Toggle, Push Button Start Switch,  Off-Road Switch Panel, Roll Bar Mount

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