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250 Amp Dual Battery Control System Part No 40102


Need battery cables?  Part #40100 is perfect for a front mount battery.  Part #40105 is perfect for a remote mount battery.

Have two auxiliary batteries?  Use the 40102 and an add on solenoid kit part #40112 to control them.

NOTE: For applications in which the system may be exposed to the elements, such as marine, use our weatherproof kit #40103.

Painless Part Number: 40102 Category: Tags: , , , , , Product ID: 20962


Our 250 AMP dual battery controller includes a three position switch to control the second battery through the operation of the solenoid.

  1. Switch position one isolates the auxiliary battery.  No light.
  2. Position two connects the auxiliary battery while the ignition is on.  Green light.
  3. Position three connects the auxiliary battery at all times.  Red light.

Kit includes solenoid, toggle switch, pre-terminated wire/connectors, fuse holder, fuse and mounting hardware.

Note: Solenoid draw is 2.5 AMP while engaged.  If left engaged (batterys connected) with vehicle not running it will drain the battery.

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