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What's The Best Harness For Your Ride?

How do you choose the right harness for your ride? It’s easy! There are three main types of wiring harnesses we offer. 

  1. Direct-Fit: These harnesses come ready to plug in. All the terminals have been installed and it’s just a matter of plugging them all in to rewire your ride. 
  2. Customizable: When you have a unique ride or want to do things your way, our customizable line is right for you. These are universal harnesses designed to fit just about anything with four wheels. 
  3. Pro-Series: In between the Direct-Fit and Customizable line is our Pro-Series. These come with all the terminals like our Direct-Fit, but aren’t terminated like our Customizable. This allows you to run the wires where and how you want, then terminate the ends yourself. The extra-long wires allow you to tuck them out of the way for a truly professional fit and finish! 

All our harnesses are made out of high-grade TXL wiring and labeled every 12-inches to make installation as Painless as possible. We also include full-color manuals that show how to connect every single wire. If you still get stuck, we have Tech Support available to answer any questions you might have! 

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